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Year Artist Title Format Credits Listen
2015 O’Brother TBD LP Producer, Engineer  
2015 Tanner Holton Climbing Season LP Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2015 The Racer GIANT LP Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2015 Laughlin “Runaround” Single Engineer  
2015 Laughlin “Summer Song” Single Engineer  
2015 Von Grey “Katie” Single Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2015 Ricky Gunn King of This Town LP Engineer  
2014 Manchester Orchestra HOPE LP Producer, Engineer  
2014 Manchester Orchestra COPE LP Producer, Engineer  
2014 Paul McDonald TBD LP Engineer  
2014 Family and Friends XOXO LP Engineer, Mixing  
2014 Bridges Bridges EP EP Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2013 Grouplove / Manchester Orchestra “Make It To Me” Single Engineer, Mixing  
2013 Frightened Rabbit / Manchester Orchestra “Architect” Single Engineer, Mixing  
2013 Death On Two Wheels Death On Two Wheels LP Mixing  
2013 Miko and the Musket Miko and the Musket EP Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2013 Jessta James Time To Get Right LP Engineer  
2013 Among Shipwrecked EP Engineer, Mixing  
2012 Cusses Cusses LP Engineer, Mixing  
2012 Right Away, Great Captain! The Church of the Good Thief EP Engineer, Mixing  
2012 Civilian Should This Noose Unloosen LP Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Modern Paranoia Modern Paranoia EP Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Manchester Orchestra Simple Math LP Engineer  
2011 Art Decade Western Sunrise LP Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Miko and the Musket The Georgia Sessions EP Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Ginny Owens Get In, I’m Driving LP Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Whitestone Motion Pictures “Blood On My Name” Film/Single Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Seven Handle Circus Whiskey Stills & Sleeping Pills EP Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2011 The Grand Magnolias The Grand Magnolias LP Engineer, Mixing  
2011 Bonaventure Come Hell or Highwater EP Engineer
2010 Phil Laeger Honestly LP Engineer, Mixing  
2010 The Enemy Lovers The Enemy Lovers EP Engineer, Mixing  
2010 A Rocket To The Moon / Larkin Poe The Rainy Day Sessions EP Engineer, Mixing  
2010 Mandy Gawley Life So Sweet LP Engineer
2010 Whitestone Motion Pictures The Candy Shop Film Mixing  
2010 O’Brother / Manchester Orchestra “Don’t Speak” Single Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2010 Sam Fisher From Age To Age LP Engineer, Mixing
2010 Nate Currin Goodnight California LP Engineer, Mixing  
2010 Emily Lynch Emily Lynch LP Engineer, Mixing  
2009 Ryan Horne Wheat Fire Collections LP Mixing  
2009 O’Brother Death Of Day EP Producer, Engineer, Mixing  
2009 Tyler Lyle Notes From The Parade LP Mixing  
2009 Elevation Strangelove LP Engineer, Mixing  
2009 Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything To Nothing LP Engineer  
2009 Winston Audio The Red Rhythm LP Engineer, Mixing  
2009 The Beggars’ Guild …It Only Gets Better From Here LP Mixing  
2009 Aaron Shust Christmas EP EP Engineer, Mixing  
2009 Asherel It Won’t Be Quiet Anymore EP Engineer, Mixing  
2008 Manchester Orchestra Let My Pride Be What’s Left Behind EP Engineer, Mixing  
2008 Right Away, Great Captain! The Eventually Home EP Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Harrison Hudson Blood Sweat and Sweat LP Mixing
2008 Public Radio Sweetchild EP Mixing  
2007 Keni Thomas Gunslinger LP Engineer  
2006 Manchester Orchestra I’m Like A Virgin Losing a Child LP Engineer