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Recording engineer, producer, live sound engineer, and composer/arranger, with 10+ years of professional experience tracking, mixing, mastering, editing, programming, and sequencing audio. Highly educated multi-instrumentalist with more than 20 years of music theory and ear training.


Manchester Orchestra

Monitor Engineer, Stage Manager, Backline Tech
April 2014-Present

  • Manage all technical details for domestic tours, including equipment selection, coordinating load-in/load-out with local crews, and stage setup/cabling, as well as all instrument and technical maintenance
  • Set up six monitor mixes across various analog and digital consoles, making adjustments throughout set
  • Coordinate and run sound check along with front of house engineer and band, ensuring proper placement and levels of all equipment and instruments

Eldest Only Productions
Atlanta, GA 

Founding Partner and Co-Owner, Audio Engineer/Producer
August 2009-June 2015

  • Chief engineer in charge of all setup and recording, post-production, mixing, and mastering for a variety of clients, including record labels, independent artists, music libraries, and film production companies, in both Eldest Only studio and numerous commercial recording facilities
  • Co-own and operate state-of-the-art studio, curating and organizing a collection of high-quality equipment
  • Manage and train staff of assistant engineers, organizing workload and providing guidance
  • Notable clients: Manchester Orchestra; Grouplove; Frightened Rabbit; Right Away, Great Captain!; A Rocket To The Moon; Whitestone Motion Pictures; Paul McDonald; O’Brother

Counterfeit Mistress Productions
Atlanta, GA

Recording and Mix Engineer
June 2006-August 2009

  • Handled all engineering duties for projects, including setup, running Pro Tools, editing, and mixing
  • Notable clients: Aaron Shust; Manchester Orchestra; Right Away, Great Captain!; Kristy Starling; Harrison Hudson; The Enemy Lovers

Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA

Live Sound Engineer, Booking
February 2005-May 2007

  • Front of House and monitor engineer in charge of designing, setting up, and running a live sound reinforcement system
  • Responsible for booking talent and managing the calendar of shows


  • Extensive experience with analog outboard gear, large and small format analog and digital consoles, vintage and modern microphones, gain staging, signal flow/patch bays, clocking, plug-ins, and MIDI
  • Specialize in microphone selection and placement for all types of acoustic instruments and sources, including vocals and voice-over, in both studio and live environments
  • Proficient Pro Tools operator and editor, also skilled in Ableton Live, Reason, and Logic; years of experience programming using various virtual instruments and synths
  • Studio consoles: API Legacy/1608/3224, SSL G/E/AWS, Neve 8068/V-Series/5088, Trident A/B/88, MCI/Sony MXP, Toft ATB
  • Live consoles: Venue/SC48, Soundcraft Vi-series/Ghost, Yamaha M7CL/PM5D/LS9, Midas Pro2/Heritage, Allen and Heath GL/MixWizard, Mackie


Berklee College Of Music
Boston, MA

Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and Engineering
September 2003-May 2007